About us


PAYCELET is the stylish payment option of the future. The name is made up of the two English words pay and bracelet and already anticipates what PAYCELET is all about. The idea of ​​paying with a bracelet is certainly not new, but it has not yet caught on. Why not? Until now, payment bracelets weren't really aesthetic, made out of bulky rubber, or just didn't work as they should. That is exactly what is changing now. More than a year of work went into the development of the PAYCELET.


Today's design has slowly but surely developed through countless different prototypes from the 3D printer. Finding the right material so that the closure would remain functional, allow NFC radiation to pass through and at the same time be robust and of high quality was very difficult. After testing different materials, we finally decided on high-tech ceramics. The PAYCELET shouldn't just look good, it should also be customizable. That is why it was necessary to develop various bracelets in addition to the pay clasp.

We use sail rope for our bracelets, made from recycled PET bottles. Unlike many other brands, however, we do not use any sea plastic that has to be shipped back to Europe from Asia, but limit ourselves to plastic bottles that accumulate in Europe. This has two major advantages, on the one hand, sea plastic is often contaminated with toxins, which is not the case with PET bottles that have just been disposed of and that you have returned to your local supermarket. On the other hand, we save ourselves the climate-damaging shipping from Asia back to Europe.

In addition to these two advantages, we try to make our small contribution so that the plastic waste from Europe is not even exported to Asia, where it usually ends up in the sea, but is upcycled right here at the source. We follow the same philosophy with our pay closures, these are made in Germany from high-tech ceramic to be as durable and functional as possible. Ceramics consists of natural raw materials found in the earth. During production, we make sure that energy is used as effectively as possible and rely on regenerative energy as much as possible, for example on the solar system used in ceramic production.


In addition to the ecological aspects, the functionality and security of the payment bracelet was of course particularly important to us. We use one of the smallest NFC boards currently certified for contactless payment, consisting of a chip and an antenna. To put it simply, you can imagine it similar to a normal credit card but much smaller. The PAYCELET works worldwide, wherever contactless payment is possible. Thanks to the tokenization of Fidesmo Pay, it is also more secure than any standard credit card. Tokenization is a special type of encryption. The real card data is never stored on the PAYCELET, but a different card number generated by the encryption. This is another reason why we can proudly claim that the PAYCELET has been certified as a means of payment by Visa and Mastercard.