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  • Weltweit sicher kontaktlos bezahlen
  • Kein Akku & Batterie - funktioniert immer
  • Visitenkarten- und Link-Funktion
  • Wasserfeste High-Tech-Keramik

Size Chart

To find out your bracelet size, we recommend that you use a piece of thread or a tape measure to measure the spot on your wrist where you want to wear your PAYCELET.

We prefer to wear our bracelets a little tighter, but we recommend choosing at least 1cm buffer between wrist circumference and bracelet circumference.

If you prefer to wear your bracelets a little looser, you can also choose 2-3cm difference.

Smart – Secure – Stylish

You can pay at any time, even if your pockets are empty.

Shopping, drinks & lunch: Pay with PAYCELET and experience the difference.

The PAYCELET is made of high-quality ceramic and is water and dust resistant.

With the built-in NFC technology, you can easily make contactless payments without a battery, or smartphone. The payment service is provided by Fidesmo Pay.

    pay in no time


    Secure payment. Always and everywhere

    The PAYCELET was developed according to the highest security standards of Visa and Mastercard and its functionality and security were confirmed by the certification process.
    You can connect your own Visa or Mastercard debit & credit card to your PAYCELET and use it to make secure contactless payments worldwide as usual.



    You have 3 options to connect your PAYCELET to a credit card.

    Here you will find an up-to-date international overview of all banks and financial service providers that can currently be connected to a PAYCELET.

    After checkout, we will guide you through the setup step by step within a few minutes. (Setup will only be activated shortly before the items are shipped)

    Here you will find our instruction videos for setting up your PAYCELET after checkout.

    connectivity options

    Partner Banks

    If you have a credit or debit card from one of our partner banks, you can connect it directly to your PAYCELET.

    Other Banks

    With our partner Curve you can connect any Visa or Mastercard card to your PAYCELET, even if you are not with one of our direct partner banks.


    If you don't have a credit card or prefer the prepaid model, you can create a free, virtual prepaid credit card in the VIMpay app and connect it to your PAYCELET.


    Here you will find answers to the most important questions about PAYCELET. If your question was not included here, please take a look at our entire FAQ .

    Security is the top priority at PAYCELET. Thanks to tokenization (additional encryption of the card data) from Fidesmo Pay, the PAYCELET is more secure than any ordinary credit card. Payment is only possible at a distance of less than 3 cm. According to current bank regulations, a PIN must also be entered for amounts over €50. In addition, PAYCELET has been certified as a means of payment by Visa and Mastercard.

    Depending on the integration of your card, there are three simple options:

    1. With a direct bank connection: Call your bank and have your credit card blocked.

    2. If integrated via Curve: You can simply block your Cruve card within the app.

    3. When integrating via VIMpay: You can simply transfer your credit back to your account from PAYCELET.

    No, neither a connection to the smartphone nor to the Internet is required. The PAYCELET works via NFC, similar to normal plastic credit cards.

    Here you will find an up-to-date overview of all banks and financial service providers that can currently be connected to a PAYCELET.

    A direct connection to the EC or giro card is not possible. However, you can load credit from your bank account onto the PAYCELET via the VIMpay app, which means that any German or Austrian bank account is compatible with a PAYCELET.

    If your old credit card has expired, you can simply upload your new card to your PAYCELET using the FIDESMO app. So you don't have to buy a new PAYCELET and you don't have to worry about any additional costs.

    Yes, this is possible via the Curve app. There you can store several credit cards and select which card should be debited from when paying with the PAYCELET. (This is even possible afterwards using the "Go Back in Time" function.) For example, you can also use your company credit card with the PAYCELET.

    Yes, it is possible to connect multiple PAYCELETs to the same credit/debit card, such as VIMpay and Curve cards.

    Yes, you can simply load another card onto your PAYCELET with the FIDESMO app.

    Yes, the PAYCELET can be controlled via the Fidesmo app using iPhone and Android smartphones. Here you can change your credit card or program a link of your choice, e.g. to share your contact details.

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